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the arc lake

The Arc Lake


The Arc is our largest lake. With 30 well-spaced pegs, it has been designed in such a way that it is unparalleled in the region. There are shelves and vegetation to attract fish onto the pole line.


The lake is ideal for those wanting to use a waggler or feeder approach. We have planted the lake with an attractive array of native trees and shrubs.


To decide if The Arc is the right lake for your day of fishing, review our "Which Lake" guide.


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Fish stocked in the Arc:

Carp, Bream, Ide, Roach, Rudd, Chub, F1 and Crucian. Some Carp are 10lb+



Click Here to Get Expert Advice Fishing The Arc in our Angling Guide!


Baits/Tactics for The Arc:

  • The Arc can be fished in many ways, the ones we see producing most often of late are:
    • 1. Hard pellet ‘up-in-the-water’ at 12-14 metres with pellets fed regularly for F1s and Carp
    • 2. Corn or Meat at 4-6 metres (just over the shelf) on the bottom, with heavily feed corn or 6-8mm meat.
      Tip: drag the rig towards you a few feet for extra bites if you don’t get a quick fish!
    • 3. Method feeder tight to the far bank on pellet, meat or corn
    • 4. Paste at 8-12 Metres hard on the bottom for Carp



Redwood Park is host to 7 fishing lakes: Redwood Lake, The Arc, The Canal, The Lagoon, Jessica's Pond, Lily's Pond, and The Moat. You can also read about the facilities we have on offer. Or use our guide, Which Lake to Fish?


Arc Lake Photos:


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