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League Information (singles)


2022/2023 Winter League


We are hosting a regular (single-angler) league for Winter, Starting 5th of November


Sign Up Sheet:

To sign up, please call Paul Chappell on 07909 956532.




All matches will be held across both named lakes unless numbers fall below 15. In which case the first lake on the list will host the entire match. The exception being that all matches scheduled for Canal/Redwood will always be held on both lakes regardless of numbers


League / Open Rules:


Sections and Points:



Each angler will pay £50 to enter the league and 100% of these fees will be used for the final league payout

Each angler will pay £25 per match and this will break down as follows

The Lake Winner(s) will share equally 50% of the match day pool
The Section Winners will equally 50% of the match day pool


Example scenario with 18 anglers fishing Arc & Lagoon the match day pool would be 18 * 14 = £252

There would be 2 sections on each lake, one of 5 and one of 4

The Winner of each lake would receive 25% of £252 = £63
The Winners of each section would receive 12.5% of £252 = £32


League prizes:

The Full league prize pool will comprise the £50 taken from each angler PLUS the £3 from each angler taken at each match



Preferred pegs listed below will be used where possible.


Alternative pegs may be used in the event of very icy conditions!

Section Details
20 Entries = 5,5,5,5
19 Entries = 5,5,5,4
18 Entries =5,5,4,4
17 Entries =5,4,4,4
16 Entries =4,4,4,4
15 Entries =5,5,5
14 Entries =5,5,4
13 Entries =5,4,4
12 Entries =4,4,4
11 Entries =6,5
10 Entries =5,5
9 Entries =5,4
8 Entries =4,4


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